Here’s what Adrienne’s clients have to say:

We just finished working with Adrienne Grechman, who is narrating our feature-length documentary film. Adrienne has been absolutely stellar to work with. We were looking for a “narrator forward” read, to carry the emotional roller coaster of a story, and Adrienne hit it out of the park. Not only does she take direction well, but she was able to get into the core of the story, which ranges from elation to despair and everything in between, and speak the story from her heart. She is truly a voice actor, emphasis on “actor,” which is exactly what we were searching for. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Adrienne, and she will be at the top of the list of people we plan to work with in the future. ”
Kevin Kreitman and Thaddeus Cooper, Producers, NoMoreBoxes LLC

I had the opportunity to work with Adrienne on a multicast audiobook drama I produced. I knew Adrienne would be an excellent choice to play one of the featured characters. She has perfected that conversational delivery that is so popular in commercials right now and absolutely perfect for an audiobook drama. Adrienne is very skilled at making good acting choices and her voice has a warmth to it that makes you feel instantly connected. She was a total pro to work with. I’m on the lookout for other projects I can cast her in!”
Pamela Lorence, Producer, Director

When I heard Adrienne’s voice, I knew that she’d sound great on the air. Playful and fun to sultry, sexy, and full of attitude, Adrienne brings her ‘A game’ and will help drive your stations brand and image to even bigger ratings.”
AJ McKay, Imaging Voice Actor, Producer, Audio Engineer

Adrienne has a deep, rich voice with the occasional husk, which is so rare in our industry. I’ve worked with her on a few projects now and I’m always impressed with her versatility and professionalism. Highly recommended.”
Hugh Edwards, Voice Director

Adrienne’s a great talent who takes direction well, and submits her Audio promptly and error-free! Highly recommended!”
Sean Daeley, Producer

Having worked with many voice over actors in the past, there are few that stand out for more than their voice alone. Adrienne is one of these such talents. It is not unusual for her to take a script and make text recommendations that enhance what the audio is trying to get across. She often will take the extra steps to ask questions about goals before recording to ensure the read and production is done correctly. It is Adrienne’s voice that brings a script alive through brilliant pacing, perfect inflection, and a voice that creates a picture without any visuals. Adrienne is one of our top voice over actor picks.”
Marc Apple, Strategist, Forward Push

You have a good ear, and that is something that cannot be taught… You have the makings of a teacher, and I mean that as high praise. This is the kind of endeavor in which only those who can DO, can teach.”
Jon Cavaluzzo,  Voice Actor, Coach

Yes, you are clearly the star of the show. Your valley girl performance for ‘Curls,’ in particular, is my absolute favorite. Also, our favorite voice actor.”
Douglas Griffin, VP faceshift North America

When I had a vision of creating a video for Dryden Capital to describe our bridge loan product, I knew I wanted to have Adrienne Grechman as our voice over talent.  I prepared a script for her and she nailed it right off the bat.  We even made some changes to our dialog after the first version and she got right to it, made the changes right away and delivered a flawless product.  Adrienne has impeccable annunciation, perfect pace for clear understanding of our product and quick turn around on our request.  We will be using Adrienne again for our next project.”
Rick Reith, Sales Production Manager, Dryden Capital